Heather MacLeod

Heather MacLeod head and shoulders profile image

Local Conservatives have selected Heather MacLeod to be their candidate for Maryhill Ward 15

Heather is resident in Maryhill and acutely aware of many of the challenges facing local residents; health, employment, education, early years, young adults, elderly and primary care services to name but a few.

Recent campaigning by the local community to re-open the Carnegie funded library have highlighted the failure of the SNP led administration. Glasgow Life facilities closed most doors at the commencement of lockdown in March 2020 with a phased reopening of just 90 of the 170 venues. Maryhill was one of the councils lowest priorities and the library was under threat of never reopening. Had it not been for the dedication of locals who made their disgust well known this landmark building could have been lost.

Other local venues like Ruchil Golf Club seem set for permanent closure as the SNP led Holyrood administration continue to deprive councils of funds despite receiving the largest block grant ever from the Conservative Westminster government.

The City of Glasgow Conservative and Unionist Association are campaigning for:

Right to Recovery needed now

The Scottish Conservatives are putting forward a Bill in the Scottish Parliament that would enshrine in law a guarantee that everyone in Scotland who needs drug treatment can receive it.

Scotland has the worst drugs deaths toll in Europe and the 2019 figure of 1,264 lives lost – three-and-a-half times more than in England and Wales – is expected to have been surpassed during the pandemic.

The proposed legislation would give people the right to the addiction treatment they need, including a residential rehabilitation place, and has the backing of seven drug campaign organisations. Services would also be put in place for the families of those struggling with addiction.

Glasgow’s drug deaths crisis is an emergency and a tragedy we have to deal with, the Scottish Conservatives are putting forward workable solutions and will campaign to get the cross-party support needed to become law.

Cleaning up Glasgow

The SNP has failed Glasgow, with bins going un-emptied, litter blowing around our streets and charges introduced for bulk-uplift.

The SNP Scottish Government has starved local councils of funding in recent years and the SNP in Glasgow has been too weak to stand-up for our city and ask their SNP colleagues in Edinburgh to fund our local services property. Glasgow’s Conservative councillors have been highlighting this issue for years and would: scrap the bulk-uplift charge; invest £10m in frontline services; reverse bin collection cuts; create an Environment Enforcement Team and would not charge for Garden Waste collections.

The Conservatives have a plan to sort out the waste crisis in Glasgow.


Our crumbling roads need more attention

Too many of our local roads are in a poor condition with many motorists experiencing damage to their cars after driving into one of the many pot holes across our city’s roads.

The Scottish Conservatives have been calling for an emergency £200m Pot Hole Repair Fund to fix the very worst of the problem, but in addition, we want to see the SNP Government create a fair funding formula for local authorities, so as they are not the first place Government goes to look for savings, which means that council budgets are slashed and local services suffer. We need to identify where the worst pot holes are in the area in order to report this to the city council and get them repaired as quickly as possible. A plan needs to be developed to deal with this problem.