Glasgow Tory petition to reverse bulk uplift charge reaches over 500 signatures

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Residents oppose bulk uplift chargesGlasgow Conservative Group Leader Thomas Kerr has said the city's residents are continuing to deliver a "damning verdict" on the SNP's bulk uplift charge which was introduced earlier this month.

Councillor Kerr has highlighted that the number of people who have now signed the party’s petition against the £35 charge could now fit inside the Drygate pub, which has a capacity of 550.

The petition has now gained 517 signatures in under two weeks, prompting Councillor Kerr to make a further call to SNP Council leader Susan Aitken to listen to the overwhelming opposition and axe the charge immediately.

Commenting, Glasgow Conservative group leader Councillor Thomas Kerr said: "The response has been overwhelming to our petition against the bulk uplift charge since we launched it less than two weeks ago.

In normal circumstances, we could now invite everyone to the well-known Drygate pub in the city and pack it out. That is now the sheer volume of the hundreds of people who have already voiced their opposition to these completely discriminatory charges. They have delivered a damning verdict on its implementation.

Susan Aitken and the SNP administration cannot ignore these residents any longer. These numbers on our petition are only going to grow and grow. How many people need to sign the petition before the council drop these charges?

It will do nothing to clean up our city ahead of welcoming world leaders in a few months and is discriminatory against those who can’t afford it.

While the Covid pandemic unfortunately means we can’t bring all these people together in the Drygate, the fact that we could should send a message loud and clear to Susan Aitken. Glasgow rejects the bulk uplift charge."

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