Glasgow Tories hail 'stunning' response to petition to reverse bulk uplift charge

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Drop the £35 bulk uplift chargeGlasgow Conservative group leader Thomas Kerr has hailed a 'stunning' response to his party's petition against the council's bulk uplift charges.

Almost 350 people have signed the petition since it was launched last Tuesday.

Councillor Kerr says the momentum is with his party as they continue to pressure the SNP administration to drop the £35 charge which came into force at the start of this month.

Earlier this year the Glasgow Conservatives put forward fully costed budget proposals that would have seen the planned charges scrapped before they were introduced. SNP, Labour and Green councillors rejected these plans.

Councillor Kerr and his colleagues are refusing to give up the fight and are encouraging every Glasgow resident to continue making their voices heard as loudly as possible to the SNP administration.

Glasgow Conservative group leader, Councillor Thomas Kerr said: "It has been fantastic to see hundreds of Glasgow residents sign our petition to reverse the bulk uplift charge in only a week.

The response has been truly stunning and is already showing that the SNP administration have introduced this against the wishes of the people of this city."

It is a discriminatory charge and will do nothing to clean up our streets. Instead, it will only make our fly-tipping crisis worse as people are unable to afford these charges.

That is not the image we want to present of Glasgow as we look to welcome world leaders in November.

I thank everyone who has taken the time to sign this petition so far. I would encourage people to join them immediately so they know they are sending the loudest possible message to Susan Aitken and her SNP administration.

Almost 350 people signing it in a week is a tremendous start, but we won’t be stopping there. Glasgow Conservatives are determined to get the bulk uplift charges scrapped as quickly as possible and consign this hated policy to the history books."

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