Glasgow Conservatives Tackle Bulk Uplift Charge

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Fly Tipping due to bulk uplift chargesGlasgow Conservative Councillors have launched a fresh bid to reverse the SNP administration’s £35 bulk uplift charge.

Group leader Councillor Thomas Kerr has announced a petition that will launch today (Tuesday 13 July) urging the SNP to think again and ditch their policy, that was introduced a week ago.

The SNP-led minority administration in Glasgow introduced the charge for residents after gaining support from the Greens in their 2020 budget.

Conservative Councillors in Glasgow have long fought the introduction of the charge and had costed proposals at this years budget that would have enabled the policy to be scrapped. However, SNP, Green and Labour Councillors voted against this move.

The petition highlights that the city is in the midst of a cleansing crisis, with litter strewn in the streets, bins overflowing and fly-tipping on the increase.

They say that the SNP’s charges will do nothing to solve the problem and instead risks exacerbating the cleansing crisis even more.

Thomas Kerr also added his concerns that it could create a two-tier system in Glasgow between those who are car owners and those who aren’t as well as penalising those on low incomes who won’t be able to afford the charges.

Glasgow Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Thomas Kerr said: "This is yet another reckless move by an already out of touch SNP Council.

Just last week the SNP’s group leader Susan Aitken was claiming the city "looked great" but that is not the opinion of Glaswegians who have to cope with litter-strewn streets, bins overflowing and instances of fly-tipping continuing to increase.

Enough is enough and something has to change. The introduction of the bulk uplift charge last week thanks to the SNP and Greens joining forces will do nothing to fix Glasgow’s cleansing crisis.

Instead, it risks exacerbating the problem as well as penalising those on low incomes and likely lead to even more fly-tipping over the city.

That is why Conservative Councillors have launched our campaign to reverse this charge immediately. We have fought this policy at every stage and had fully costed plans that would have scrapped this move, but other parties couldn’t bring themselves to support us.

We urge people from across Glasgow to stand with us, sign the petition and call on the SNP to think again. We won’t be giving up. Glasgow Conservatives are completely committed to clean up the mess that the SNP administration in this city has created."

(Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

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