2022 Glasgow City Council Election Manifesto

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Glasgow Conservatives will put "cleaning up Glasgow" at the heart of their local government election manifesto.

Group leader Thomas Kerr will launch the Glasgow specific manifesto at Glasgow Green tomorrow (Wednesday) with a pledge that Scottish Conservative councillors will focus firmly on people’s local priorities.

Thomas says that the SNP administration led by Susan Aitken in Glasgow has failed the city over the last five years and the city needs change come the council elections on May 5th.

The party’s plans to clean-up Glasgow include:

  • Reversing three-week bin collections
  • Scrapping the bulk uplift charge
  • Investing in a “Clean Up” Glasgow apprenticeship programme
  • Demand an immediate deep clean of the city
  • And setting up an environmental enforcement team to crack down on those who fly-tip in the city.

The manifesto sets out a number of policies in a wide-ranging amount of issues including commitments to double Glasgow’s road capital budget over the next five years, delivering full year of business rates relief in 2022-23, investing in a City Centre economic masterplan, easing planning rules to allow good housing to be developed and giving schools more powers over decisions they make.

Thomas says that the manifesto represents a “bold and positive” vision for the future of Glasgow and only the Glasgow Conservatives are offering an alternative to the “tired ideas” of the SNP and Labour who have run Glasgow for the last 40 years.

Glasgow Conservative Group Leader Thomas Kerr said: “I am proud to be presenting this manifesto. Over the last five years the Glasgow Conservatives have shown that we have the fresh ideas to revitalise and clean up our city.

“We have led the fight against Susan Aitken’s SNP over the last five years. The city’s first ever SNP administration has failed the city and far too many areas are blighted by litter, fly-tipping or overflowing bins.

“Our fully costed, five-point plan to clean up Glasgow can change that and ensure residents needs are met when it comes to bin collections and the state of their local area.

“As we recover from the pandemic, we must engage with businesses and listen to their concerns and act on them. That’s where our focus will be rather than being dismissive as the SNP all too often are.

“Susan Aitken has already dangled the prospect of the SNP and Labour doing a deal after the results are counted. Don’t run that risk of yet another SNP-Labour council coalition happening in Glasgow.

“Only the Conservatives in Glasgow are strong enough to stand up to the SNP and ensure that the focus will be on people’s local day-to-day priorities, and not the SNP’s.”

Download the 2022 Glasgow City Council Election Manifesto (pdf 7.9MB)

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